Happy Halloween!

HomeWire Realty would like to wish everybody a Happy Halloween with this new promo video directed and produced by yours truly! Don’t let the first time home buying experience become a nightmare! Call HomeWire Realty today!

More updates coming soon as I’ve been quite busy with a lot of projects! This specific video was shot at Catholic Memorial High School’s haunted house in Waukesha, Wisconsin, so do check it out this frightful weekend if you’re in the area.

Much scary love everyone!

Helpful Hints

In order for me to make your video production run smoother, here are some helpful ways to make sure your end product comes out the way you want it to!

Know Your Location – Having the knowledge of what were up against in terms of usable space is huge. It can make or break a shoot!

Know Your Storyboard – What do you want your video to say? Having that planned out as exact as possible keeps things on track come shoot day.

Know Your Edits – Edits could go on forever, but we all know that’s not feasible for every project. If you have edits, have them all together for the first round and so on.

Huge Announcement in Real Estate!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you HomeWire Productions, a brand new partnership with my fantastic clients at HomeWire Realty. I will be directing all sorts of listing videos, “Meet My Realtor” videos and many, many other things.

I’m so excited to be able to grow as an entrepreneur in the Milwaukee film industry, and I hope this business grows to exponential sizes. Much love to all!