A Budding MKE Franchise

Store Posters - 2Store Posters

Luci Boutique of the Fashion District in Milwaukee is expanding! And as my clients, they reached out to have me put together multiple posters advertising their new activewear brands featured in their new store! Don’t forget to check out my graphic design page to see all things design I do!

“Steppin’ on my Shoes” Music Video Debut

Here it is, folks! The debut of Ian & the Dream’s music video for “Steppin’ on my Shoes.” This is their first single off their self-produced album “California Cauliflower,” which I also did the album art for! Big things for this great group of guys!

New Web Series!

Here is the first episode of the short video web series titled “Hidden ShoreMax Tapes.” It features HomeWire Realty’s favorite competitor we all love to hate, Jordan, trying to do an interview for PR… or, to sell to a network for a realty TV show of sorts I suppose. You decide!

There are huge things on the horizon for this wonderful client of mine, and I can’t want to be there for all of it! Much love!

I don’t just push the envelope… I straight up SHOVE it!

The newest installment of John from HomeWire Realty and Jordan from ShoreMax Realty. We got a little cinematic on this one… but that’s never a bad thing, right?

Whenever somebody says “you can’t,” I usually respond with “just watch me.” This time, the action spoke volumes louder than words!

Also, the background music was produced by the great Luke Robert Lindemeyer. Dually, today we released our first collaboration track of background music, so check it out to the right of this post. Busy day indeed!

Enjoy and much love!

New Website Project Complete!

Midwest Mediation LLC came to me with the need for a new website, so I delivered! They were such a fantastic group of people to work with, and I look forward to our long-term relationship!

We’ll be helping them bring forth their Facebook marketing and increasing their web presence in the coming month or so, so stay tuned!

New HomeWire Commercial!

And here we are! HomeWire Realty’s latest commercial. It almost makes me want to be a real estate agent! You know… if I were actually qualified to do so! Commercial stars Nicole Ellenson and Chris Buttrum’s two wonderful children.

Two more productions coming soon! Much love!