Realtors & Sellers, Don’t Forget!

I’m also a partner in HomeWire Productions LLC, a full-service production company that creates beautiful listing videos and listing photography, much like the episode below!

Turn your listing into an HGTV special… or a HWTV special, rather!

Much love!

A Great Non-Profit, A New Website Client!

Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin is a fantastic new client of mine. I’ve recently taken over most of their graphics; however, their website is now a big priority as I am running all Southeastern Wisconsin’s content management!

If you don’t know who they are, check out their website and participate in one of their fundraising events that take place across America!

Much love everyone!

My First Feature Film Sneak Peek!

I’ve had the privilege of being the producer and editor of “P.I.M. A Paranormal Documentary” shot by Aaron Powers and featuring the Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee. Check it out and be sure to come attend ParaCon 2015 in Milwaukee on June 6th, 2015!

Much, much love, everyone!

Everything is always Graphics, Graphics, Graphics…

Yes, it’s been a busy few weeks in the graphics department here for sure! I’m proud to announce that I’ve taken on a contract with Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin, doing their graphics and website content management.

Check out their website here and watch out for graphics and invites produced by yours truly. Get involved; support a great cause!

Additionally, Luci Boutique always keeps me busy, and they will be moving to a new storefront at 706 Milwaukee Ave. in the heart of downtown, so pay them a visit for a special moving sale!

Much love everyone!

Be strong

Ladies and gentlemen, it is my duty to announce my participation in helping raise money for the Anxiety & Depression Association of America and their fight against anxiety and depression.

I’m a long time struggler of severe anxiety and spontaneous panic, so I felt the need to step up and start an awareness program. Read more about it HERE and watch the commercial I produced above! Much love!

Make sure to hug everyone you meet; you never know what struggles they’re up against.

May I have the attention of the class…

That’s right, folks. I am now teaching college as an adjunct professor!

Digital Video II: Visual Storytelling at Carroll University to be exact.

Just adding it to the list of busyness in an already busy entrepreneur’s life! Much love!

New video productions coming soon!