Things You Didn’t Know…

Bradley’s “big break” into the video industry post-college was the “Discount Double-Check” State Farm commercial, featuring Aaron Rodgers, Robert Smigel, George Wendt and Mike Ditka.

The Factory of Fear promo video series was lit with an iPhone flashlight app in order to give it a “moonlight” feel.

The “Becoming Blue” drumming video Bradley appears in landed him an audition with the Chicago production of the Blue Man Group.

While Bradley loves working in this industry, he is also a professor of video production at Carroll University in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Bradley believes in healthy living above all and has abstained from fast food and caffeinated beverages for years.

Bradley is a huge live music fan and prefers live recordings of his favorite bands over studio produced albums.

Bradley has written 3 novels, countless songs, scripts and poems. Presently, he’s writing a short story series that he hopes to get published. He wants the series to be easy and addicting reads.

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