Music Videos

The ever-eerie music video for the song “Flowers for Hannah,” which is also the debut single for the band Flowers for Hannah. It is part of a concept music video series, so stay tuned for more!

The fruit of our labors from back in April! I got to work on set with greats like Victor DeLorenzon, Grace Weber and a multitude of other Milwaukee musicians, truly combining my love for video and music into one unified entity while helping out Five Five One and FlipEleven Productions. Enjoy!

The follow-up video to “Better Off Undead” by Wiseguys ‘N Scallywags. This was the compilation of their said “shenanigans” through Summerfest 2014, set to the tune “The Terror.” The song is one of my favorites that I’ve played with them when filling in on drums, and I think it adds that much more excitement to the footage. Enjoy!

After hiring a extremely small film crew, I co-directed and performed in this Blue Man Group audition video. While it was more of a marketing piece, it turned out fantastic. A big thank you to Danny Rodic for being my one-man production team!

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