Now Offering Photography!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Bradley James Kroll now offers light photography! From real estate to engagement photos; we will work within your budget!

Check out our Photography page as we update it with new photos!

Much love everyone!

A Little Remodeling…

Just a few changes on the horizon!

We’re moving into strict WordPress Website Design for the new year! We’ll still produce custom websites per request; however, we wish to stay progressive while maintaining creativity!

Additionally, we’re adding a page of voice over and narration work under Video, so that’s exciting!

Finally, plenty of new graphic projects were completed during the holidays. Go check ’em out!

Much love everyone!

Video Production is on the Rise!

Ignore Video and Miss Out on 69 Percent of Mobile Traffic

This is an incredible article from regarding where video production is headed in the future. Unbelievable! I’m so blessed, honored and excited to be part of this industry. Let’s keep it growing guys!

Much love indeed!