A Little Remodeling…

Just a few changes on the horizon!

We’re moving into strict WordPress Website Design for the new year! We’ll still produce custom websites per request; however, we wish to stay progressive while maintaining creativity!

Additionally, we’re adding a page of voice over and narration work under Video, so that’s exciting!

Finally, plenty of new graphic projects were completed during the holidays. Go check ’em out!

Much love everyone!

Big Week Ahead

Next week, I’ll have directed and produced 2 new videos, worked a photo shoot and finished off a few design projects! And only 6 days have gone by in the month of June!

Here’s what I’ve worked on this week with Luci Boutique and their “Discover Downtown” discounts! See my other graphic design work, too.

Discover East Towne Square Discover Downtown

By the way, follow me on Vine if you are on it as well! You’ll catch some fun, stupidly silly and short videos from me on there.

Much love to all!

Drummer Junior Gamez and his new website!

Milwaukee-based professional drummer Junior Gamez reached out to me to improve his presence on the web. I brought him to the world of WordPress, set him up a blog and am slowly but sure developing it to be speak, easy to navigate and most importantly, useful!

Check out Junior’s new website and follow his updates as they develop here and on my Website Design page as well!