Long Time, No See!

Hello all!

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, but for good reason. We have been working very closely with Milwaukee Direct Marketing on proofing their graphics, taking over the graphics and photography for THINKLocal Magazine, producing a commercial airing in the Marcus Theaters, producing background music for said commercial, designing a new and improved website for the Medical College of Wisconsin’s TIEHL program, and among all that… an album cover for a local musician!

Yes, it’s a busy life we lead, but all worth it as we slowly but surely change the world!

For now, enjoy this video of Chicago in summer from the eyes of a GoPro… filmed and post-produced by us!

Stay tuned to see more samples from our new clients and always, much love!

FREE Advertising – MKExperience

NEW advertising digital magazine coming to Milwaukee, strictly focusing on Small Businesses of Milwaukee! To get it off the ground, we need advertisers, therefore we’re making the month of January completely free! It’s MKExperience, featuring ads for restaurants, shops, nightlife, entertainment venues and more!

The magazine is coupon/advertisement-based, and divided into 3 sections: Deals, Advertisements and Marketplace.

The Deals Section will feature full page ads, 1/2 page ads, 1/4 page ads and more. If you have a discount to offer to your customers, this is where your ad will go.

The Advertisement Section will feature many of the same size ads; however, it’s a section dedicated to simple advertisements w/out discounts or deals.

Finally, the marketplace is a combination of both. However, all ads will be a small, equal size. When the free month is up, these will be as low as $10 to feature your ad!

Contact today for all available sizes. We’re going to release the free issue in February, to give all small businesses through January to get their ads in.

Don’t have an ad designed? Contact Bradley and, to pay it forward for your enthusiasm of launching this digital ad magazine, he will get you a custom ad for an extremely affordable rate!

Much love to all!