Order in the Court!

I am partnering up with Sterling Law Offices, S.C. of Wisconsin to bring a new ground-breaking feature to the courtroom; bio videos.

Together, we are producing a redemption story for those that have turned their lives around. It’s incredible to see the progress. Stay tuned… much love!

First Social Media Spot of 2015!

Don’t get caught in the snow! HomeWire Realty has made it easier for you to text for more pictures and information about a listing!


Welcome Home, HomeWire Realty!

Brand new client with their brand new video! HomeWire Realty is a Wauwatosa-based realty company, selling upscale homes located in Menomonee Falls and surrounding areas. This video is a tour of their newest listing; however, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come with this great client of mine!