Scary Stuff!

Fall is generally creepy, and our most recent productions are nothing less, either!

We will start with this newly produced commercial for HomeWire Realty. Don’t be afraid of your commission checks they say! Yikes. The audio may sound familiar, as we parody a few well-known horror shows and movies.

Secondly, we have a newly released music video from Flowers for Hannah. The music may SOUND like something similar, but it is an original instrumental, also titled “Flowers for Hannah.” It’s all part of a concept video series for the band, so stay tuned.

Much creepy love!

Another Listing Video in the Books!

A nice little video of a nice little house in West Allis, Wisconsin. Perfect walking distance for the State Fair!

Much love everyone! Happy Wednesday!

First Social Media Spot of 2015!

Don’t get caught in the snow! HomeWire Realty has made it easier for you to text for more pictures and information about a listing!


Huge Announcement in Real Estate!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you HomeWire Productions, a brand new partnership with my fantastic clients at HomeWire Realty. I will be directing all sorts of listing videos, “Meet My Realtor” videos and many, many other things.

I’m so excited to be able to grow as an entrepreneur in the Milwaukee film industry, and I hope this business grows to exponential sizes. Much love to all!

Celebrity Appearance in a NEW HomeWire commercial!

Sure, here’s the newest commercial for HomeWire Realty and all the silly reasons why you shouldn’t list your home with them, but what I was blessed with was two astounding actors, one a bit of a celebrity himself!

The main character is Chike Johnson, who has appeared in everything from “Veep” and “Orange is the New Black” to “Friends With Benefits” starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. He even did voice over work for “Grand Theft Auto V” and c’mon… who doesn’t love those games that taught so many of us how to drive “responsibly?”

And who can forget Jordan, the lovable yet sneaky “other realtor” we feature in all our other commercials? New “hidden tapes” coming from him soon, too!

So much love!

Coming Soon…

A lot actually! Debuting on my site will be a brand new couple episodes of “The Hidden ShoreMax Tapes” commercial series for HomeWire Realty…

Plus another commercial as well…

A bunch of photo projects that have transposed in recent weeks…

A beautifully produced wedding video for a fantastic couple…

A website for a well-known model…

Graphics, graphics, graphics…

…much love!!

New Web Series!

Here is the first episode of the short video web series titled “Hidden ShoreMax Tapes.” It features HomeWire Realty’s favorite competitor we all love to hate, Jordan, trying to do an interview for PR… or, to sell to a network for a realty TV show of sorts I suppose. You decide!

There are huge things on the horizon for this wonderful client of mine, and I can’t want to be there for all of it! Much love!

I don’t just push the envelope… I straight up SHOVE it!

The newest installment of John from HomeWire Realty and Jordan from ShoreMax Realty. We got a little cinematic on this one… but that’s never a bad thing, right?

Whenever somebody says “you can’t,” I usually respond with “just watch me.” This time, the action spoke volumes louder than words!

Also, the background music was produced by the great Luke Robert Lindemeyer. Dually, today we released our first collaboration track of background music, so check it out to the right of this post. Busy day indeed!

Enjoy and much love!

Welcome Home, HomeWire Realty!

Brand new client with their brand new video! HomeWire Realty is a Wauwatosa-based realty company, selling upscale homes located in Menomonee Falls and surrounding areas. This video is a tour of their newest listing; however, it’s only the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come with this great client of mine!