Wiseguys ‘N Shenanigans

The follow-up video to “Better Off Undead” by Wiseguys ‘N Scallywags. This was the compilation of their said “shenanigans” through Summerfest 2014, set to the tune “The Terror.” The song is one of my favorites that I’ve played with them when filling in on drums, and I think it adds that much more excitement to the footage. Enjoy!

Better Off Undead

Working as the director of photography for a band has it’s perks. You get to see them perform for free, you enjoy a plethora of shenanigans around the world’s largest music festival on the lakefront of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and you get to add this awesome video to your camera work repertoire! Additionally, the post-production and syncing with “Night of the Living Dead” was done by the band’s friend Aaron Romero.

Go check out the Wiseguys ‘N Scallywaygs and show them some support!